For many, Summer in New York City and Stockholm means trips to Coney Island and enjoying the archipelago. But for 140 students, fellows, and masters students, Summer means the opportunity to join one of our innovative Spotify teams in our two largest offices, as they score a coveted spot in Spotify’s internship program. At the end of the season, some interns just haven’t gotten enough of Spotify yet, and accept full time positions at the company.

Here, meet Francesco Cucari, a Data Engineer in “The Keys” team in Stockholm who joined the band as a summer intern in 2017.


Why Spotify?

Working for an innovative company that is leading the future of audio industries is both inspiring yet challenging. Reading about the amazing Spotify culture, and how they foster growth mindsets for the employees really inspired me [to apply.]


What surprised you the most about being an intern at Spotify?

In just ten weeks, interns get to be part of real projects and get a chance to truly impact the Spotify business. Interns are mentored and encouraged to develop their strengths as they contribute and do meaningful things within their teams.


What was the biggest difference going from an intern to a full-time Spotifier?

In both positions, you should be eager to learn and continuously push yourself to take on new things. At the time of my internship I was the youngest in the team and the summer was a great learning experience for me to pick up skills which I wouldn’t have acquired working somewhere else. Now that I’m even more involved in the team and have more responsibilities, it’s fun to share what I’ve learned with my peers. The transition was very smooth. The team was super friendly and everyone is so passionate and collaborative. They’re happy to help, no matter the problem!


What tips would you give students who want to be a Spotify intern?

Be a sponge! Ask questions and absorb as much information as you can. You’ve been given an opportunity to learn from really talented people, and the more experience you acquire, the quicker you can become successful in your new role.


What song did you listen to when you knew you were making the leap to full time Spotifier?

Best Day of My Life, by American Authors. The day I signed the contract, “I jumped so high I touched the clouds..  so, please don’t wake me now.. This is gonna be the best day of my life”

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