At Spotify, music is part of our DNA – so each month we’ll be hanging out with a music-obsessed Spotifier as they tell us about what’s on their headphones. This time around, we chatted with Stockholm-based Platform Engineer, Matthew Fogarty. He’s given us the lowdown on eight songs that have a special meaning to him.


Fatboy Slim – The Rockefeller Skank

This was the first dance music track that I ever remember hearing. It used to be played a lot on the radio and I remember my Mom always thinking the CD player in the car was skipping due to the endless repeating of the vocal track. This was the track that started my obsession with dance music!


Cygnus X, Rank 1 – Superstring (Rank 1’s Radio Edit)

This song still gives me chills every time the main supersaw synth line hits. This was the track that made me want to start learning to DJ. I saw a video online of this amazing dance event in Amsterdam called “Sensation” and after watching it and hearing this song I knew that DJing was something I needed to do.


Faithless – Insomnia (Monster Mix)

This is another song that gives me massive chills when the main synth line kicks in. After discovering superstring I started hunting for more dance music and came across “Insomnia”. The maxi jazz voice over and synth line are both iconic. There is no denying that this is a dance floor classic.


Daft Punk – One More Time

This was one of the first tracks I used to practice DJing and I played it in almost every gig for about 5 years. I never get sick of it! I still occasionally play this and I am thinking of doing a remix of it at some stage.


Mark Knight & Funkagenda – Man With The Red Face

I’ve probably played this track and the end of more sets than any other track I can remember. The saxophone gets people on the dance floor literally screaming! I’d love to produce a masterpiece like this one day.


Bushwacka!, Just Be – West Side (Christian Smith & Wehbba Remix)

The Energy in this track is unmatched. The first time I heard it was also the first time I met the legendary DJ Carl Cox. He recommended that I start learning how to make my own music. This advice kick-started my career as a producer. My music style is very similar to this track.


Enrico Sangiuliano – X-Pollination

I use this track as a reference for any music I create. The mix is perfect to my ears and the production is on a level I’d love to reach one day.


Andrew Meller – Born Slippy – Reincarnation Edit

This is one of my all-time classics. It got remixed recently and I’ve played it in almost all my DJ sets the last couple of years. I use this track as an example of great energy.


Hear Matthew’s playlist for yourself: