Sometimes, a girl’s just gotta have fun for summer vacation. And for Helena Stening, a Product Designer working on payment experience, fun meant spending the summer in Stockholm as a Spotify intern. And – bonus! At the end of the season, she joined the company as a full-time member of the band.

Here, Helena fills us in on highlights from that summer and what it was like to make the leap


Why did you choose to intern at Spotify?

As I am still early in my career, I strive to surround myself with people that I can look up to and learn from. I applied to Spotify to be able to work with some of the best designers and engineers in the industry, at a company with values and a culture that fits mine.


What surprised you the most about being an intern at Spotify? 

One thing that did surprise me was the fact that I got to work on a real, important and strategic project, which might not always be the case as an intern. Also, I was very impressed by the intern program itself: How well we got onboarded and all the social events!


What’s the biggest difference going from an intern to a full-time Spotifier? 

As an intern I was given one clear problem and project to drive and work on. Being a full-time employee is similar, but with more responsibility to find and define problems. You’re also involved in multiple, complex and cross-disciplinary projects at the same time.The transition to full-time was smooth and gradually included both more freedom and responsibility.


What advice would you give students wanting to become Spotify interns?

I would encourage you to spend time on side projects that you feel passionate about, put yourself in places where you can be inspired by brilliant minds and constantly push yourself outside of your comfort zone.


How did you celebrate becoming a full time Spotifier? 

By listening to my favorite artist – Khalid! 

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