For many, Summer in New York City and Stockholm means trips to Coney Island and enjoying the archipelago. But for 140 students, fellows, and masters students, Summer means the opportunity to join one of our innovative Spotify teams in our two largest offices, as they score a coveted spot in Spotify’s internship program. At the end of the season, some interns just haven’t gotten enough of Spotify yet, and accept full time positions at the company.

Here, meet Achal Varma from our Design Prototyping Team in New York City. He joined the band as a summer intern in 2016, where he focused on video, audio, and voice-focused ad experiences, like skippable ads, on the CREAM team.


Why did you want to intern at Spotify over any other company?

I loved Spotify the product way before I thought I’d get to work at Spotify the company – that played a huge part in the initial decision to work here. I was given the opportunity to work on real-world problems and products, and any team I worked with treated me as one of their own. I enjoyed it so much that I came back the following summer, and then again full-time!


What surprised you most about being an intern at Spotify? Did you encounter anything unexpected? 

I was taken aback by how passionate so many Spotifiers are about listening to, and playing music. I knew Spotify was a music company, but I didn’t expect coworkers to shred it at monthly open-mic nights! Outside of that, I’ll never live down the time when I met Steve Aoki at the office and thought he worked here…


How was being an intern at Spotify different than being a full-time employee now? What was the transition like?

It was challenging but extremely rewarding. As an intern, you’re empowered to make an impact by owning a project of your own for three months. When I came back full-time, it was more about working on larger, longer-term projects, which meant interfacing with more people and teams, collaborating with a wider audience, and so on. In essence, my day to day work wasn’t as well-scoped as it had been when I was an intern. I absolutely loved the added responsibility, but it also took some getting used to!


What tips would you give current students who want to be a Spotify intern? 

If you’re aiming to get an internship at Spotify – or anywhere, really – I highly recommend being clear and confident about why you want to work somewhere, and letting your personality shine through your application as well! Be it your resume, website, portfolio, or your cover letter, your personality coupled with your desire to make an impact will set you apart from other applicants.

Also, work on passion projects outside of class. Not only will you build up a portfolio of projects that are near and dear to you, you will also pick up real-life skills that’ll come in super handy at work. This might also help you get clarity on what field of work, or discipline you’d like to focus on in your career


When you knew you were going to accept a full time position at Spotify, what song did you listen to to celebrate?

Bright Lights by Gary Clark Jr.


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