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Finance is key to ensuring we’re able to attain our goals and objectives while driving measurable value for our growing business.

We bring harmony to Spotify, balancing our creativity and innovation with a strategic, data-driven approach. From planning and analysis to risk assessment and compliance, the work our teams do touches every area of the business and plays an essential role in our ongoing success.

Internal Audit

We help the business navigate operational, compliance, and financial risks so our teams can take advantage of every opportunity with confidence. We lead assurance and advisory projects, support the annual SOX compliance program, and ensure the business is operating at its most effective.


We ensure that the money flowing through Spotify is properly booked and reported, including all the operating expenses needed to run our business. And as Spotify evolves, we adapt with it, finding new ways to optimize our processes.

Investor Relations

We’re the bridge between Spotify and the financial community, helping investors understand our story, our mission, and our current ambitions.

Financial Planning & Analysis

With a focus on financial governance and forecasting, we help the business to understand the implications of key decisions we may choose to make.


We manage and monitor all global tax policies and reporting requirements, helping other areas of the business navigate the rules and act with confidence.


We’re Spotify’s internal bank, securing financial flexibility through funding, cash management, financial risk management, and investments. We minimize the impact of uncertain loss by making sure we’re properly insured, and help to create liquidity for our people and investors alike.

Corporate Development

We identify, pipeline, develop, and execute strategic acquisitions for Spotify. But we don’t stop there. We also work hard to ensure successful integration, helping to safeguard and grow the value of our investments.

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