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We work as one with teams across the business, ensuring all the brilliant products, features, and content we create get seen, heard, and shouted about.

Brand & Creative

Innovative. Insightful. In-house. We work from concept to creation, building love for our brand, products, partners, and creators. We’re famous for delivering fresh, award-winning creative driven by big data, and with a focus on connections, not transactions.

Marketing Analytics

We lead sustainable growth within Spotify, providing unbiased, actionable insights and solutions so the business can make informed, data-driven decisions around global marketing performance.

Marketing Operations

We play a critical role in defining and driving strategic, operational, and organizational improvements, helping the business to scale its marketing impact, on a local and global level.

Consumer Marketing

We’re full-funnel consumer marketers, here to ensure all communications align with Spotify’s marketing objectives and help us to grow fast and achieve our goals.

Content Marketing

We use our creativity, charisma, and strategic-thinking to plan and execute content marketing plans that drive high engagement across all of our channels.

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  1. The Band Manifesto
  2. Diversity & Belonging
  3. Being here

One band, no solo artists

It’s our culture. It’s our values. It’s who we are and what we’re not. It’s why we do things the way we do and why that matters. It’s all here in our band manifesto.