Hey, it’s okay not to be okay

We believe that sharing heals. By talking about mental health, and being open about our experiences, we can create a culture where no-one suffers in silence.

If someone’s not well in life, they’re unlikely to be well at work. And vice versa. We don’t want our people to hide behind a happy face - we want our culture to be a place where everyone feels like they can tell their manager and their team if they’re not okay. And get the support they need, without judgment.

That’s why, in 2018, we launched Heart & Soul, our global mental health initiative. Through it, we’re working to create a safe stigma-free environment where there is acceptance, support, and knowledge on mental health and mental health issues.

Heart & Soul allows our band members to nurture their mental health and wellbeing in their own way, and get the support they need to reach an equilibrium that works for them.

Our whole approach

The heart of this work

Supporting everyone, every day

No matter what experiences you bring with you, the challenges you have gone through or will go through, we want you to belong at Spotify. You should never hide parts of yourself to fit in.

We also offer support in the form of All The Feels, our employee assistance program, and self-care hub, providing tools and resources on the mental health issues our people are most likely to experience. But perhaps most important of all, we seize opportunities to bring our issues and experiences out into the open, empowering our leaders and our people to be vocal about their mental health struggles, from substance abuse to losing a loved one, in panels and talks or simply chatting with each other over a coffee.

Every day is a mental health day