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Diversity & Inclusion

We depend on our diversity for innovation, progress and a great environment for everyone.

Diversity is nothing without inclusion

We believe in accountability and transparency about the diversity and inclusion journey we’re on. Our journey of collecting this information began 2 years ago and you can get an introduction to our representation (current state as of June 2018) data that we’re sharing here.

Yet diversity is nothing without inclusion and we welcome you back in August to discover more insights around inclusion, which will complement the demographics you see below.

Global data

We have offices all across the globe and band members from many different parts of the world. 93 different nationalities. We love this, and we respect it in our measuring and reporting.

We focus on what’s honest, what makes the most sense for us, and what follows the regionally-specific regulations that drives self-identification.

Spotify Diversity Global Charts

US Ethnicity Representation

spotify diversity us demographics

In keeping with the EEOC reporting guidelines this is a picture of our demographics in the US.

Americas & APAC Additional Representation

spotify diversity americas apac demographics

The presented data is anonymous self-identification data collected via our inclusion survey.

Doing better

We have a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion and believe it’s essential for us to build accountability into our everyday work, across all areas of our business. Our progress indicates we’re moving in the right direction but it also highlights clear areas where we need to do better.

Increasing the share of senior women leaders, diversifying our racial landscape in the US and continuing to focus on woman representation in our technology organisation are of huge importance to us.

To learn more about the story of our data, you can read more here.

We will also

  • Build diversity and inclusion objectives into every business process
  • Work to improve on unconscious biases in decision making processes with the help of our partners at Paradigm
  • Commit to an Inclusive Leadership training program for all people managers
  • Deepen partnerships and talent programs with industry leaders, experts and talent suppliers
  • Continue our annual inclusion survey, being transparent with our results and developing meaningful action plans to address the concerns
  • Evolve our annual Inclusion Summit to build ambassadors within Spotify
  • Continue to grow and support our Employee Resource Groups (increased from 6 to 13 groups in the last 12 months)
  • Increase self-identification rates for reporting more accurately with regards to demographic data